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The real Henry Kissinger

The legacy of Kissinger in the Middle East.

Palestinian dying in "clashes"

From Alfred: "If the protests were "violent" and 456 Palestinians have been killed or wounded in "clashes", how come the Israeli government has NOT reported any Israeli security personnel INJURED?"

Why can't they interrogate Obama like this?

I can't see an American president ever be subjected to this line of questioning by an American reporter, ever

Who can disagree with the Uzbek president here?

"It therefore came as little surprise last week when the government banned the teaching of political science, on the grounds that it is a western pseudo-science that does not take the “Uzbek model” of development into account."

Freedom of the press in Lebanon

A Lebanese court ruled against me and fined me for criticizing the dead Za`im, Kamil Al-As`ad (one of the most corrupt Lebanese politicians ever).

Lebanese laws still operate by the dictum of the Sedition Act of late 18th century US, when it was illegal to "bring disrupte" to a government official. Kid you not.

U.S. government goes from denial to justification of war crime

"Oops: our bad. Fog of war, errant bombs, and all that. This obfuscation tactic is the standard one the U.S. and Israel both use whenever they blow up civilian structures and slaughter large numbers of innocent people with airstrikes." "As a result, we now have U.S. and Afghan officials expressly justifying the consummate war crime: deliberately attacking a hospital filled with doctors, nurses and wounded patients. And whatever else is true, the story of what happened here has been changing rapidly as facts emerge proving the initial claims to be false."

American masterminds of El Salvador's killing campaign

"Salvadoran soldiers killed tens of thousands of civilians during their scorched-earth campaign in the 1980s. The elite military unit that murdered the six Jesuits and carried out other notorious massacres was called the Atlacatl Battalion. It was created as a rapid-response counterinsurgency unit by American trainers at the US Army School of the Americas," "Those officers were pawns in a game directed from Washington. True justice would target the people who conceived, blessed, and financed El Salvador’s counterinsurgency campaign. Executioners’ faces are always well hidden, but in this case, they speak English, worked in Washington during the 1980s, and remain respectable cocktail-party guests."

Israelis wounded Al Mayadeen reporter

"Israeli troops wounded Al Mayadeen journalist Hanaa Mahameed Sunday, while she was attempting to report on the killing of a Palestine youth Fadi Alloun by Isreali forces." "After being shot 7 times, Alloun’s body was kicked and dragged by settlers, according to local media reports. The settlers also stormed Palestinian houses and properties in the area." (thanks Amir)

US foreign policy problems explained

"@Michele Bachmann: US turns its back on Israel, disasters following".  It sounds biblical.

US attack on hospital in Kunduz

Apparently, as US general explains, patients in the hospital requested that they be bombed by US as a special honor to their memory.

Physicians (or is it Doctors) without Borders

So after I posted yesterday, Doctors without Borders issued a statement.  The statement is lacking on various fronts:
1) it was late.
2) it called for an investigation when the reality warrants none: we know that it was US forces which attacked and US admitted so.
3) it basically diluted the statement by insisting on talking about "coalition" forces and Afghan forces when the war crime was committed by US forces.
4) it said that this was "unacceptable".  Why do I find this language unlike statements that MSF made about Syria?

Office 2016

By the way, for Word 2016, bold and italic don't work in Arabic.

Monday, October 05, 2015

Kenneth Roth of Human Rights Watch justifies and dismisses US attack on Kunduz but then deletes the tweet

Oil wealthy man is not happy with the leftist agenda of Corbyn

He threatens to punish Western voters for leftist choices.

Saudi Arabia is the biggest single purchaser of UK-manufactured arms

""Saudi Arabia is the biggest single purchaser of UK-manufactured arms. Its enormous multi-billion-pound Al-Yamamah contract is the largest single arms deal ever conducted by the UK with another country. The lucrative deal is swathed in secrecy and successive UK governments have taken unprecedented measures to block the release of information concerning it." "In addition to weapons, the UK has recently been marketing its experience in running prisons to the Saudis and other countries with poor human rights records.""

How is ISIS formed?

52 Saudi cleric and academics call for Jihad in Syria.

Israeli crimes

How US senators defend Saudi war crimes

"Sen. John McCain, R-Ariz., spent the most time discussing the issue with me. But his answers were perplexing.
“They may be bombing civilians, which is actually not true,” McCain said, when asked about civilian casualties in Yemen.
“Civilians aren’t dying?” I asked.
“No, they’re not,” the senator replied. “Oh, I’m sure civilians die in war. Not nearly as many as the Houthis have executed,” McCain continued, referring to the Shiite militia waging an insurgency against the Sunni government in Yemen.
Asked about the recent reports of Saudi forces bombing a wedding party in Yemen, McCain said, “I’m sure in wars terrible things happen and the Houthis however are an extremist group backed by the Iranians who are slaughtering Yemenis.”
The U.N. High Commissioner for Human Rights has reported that more than 2,300 civilians have been killed in the Yemen conflict, and that both Houthi rebels and the Saudi-led forces share responsibility for the deaths. The UNHCHR spokesperson has told reporters, however, that the Saudi-led bombing campaign has caused most of the deaths.
I tried to ask McCain, who serves as chairman of the International Republican Institute, a U.S. government-backed human rights and democracy promotion nonprofit, if he had an opinion on the spate of executions in Saudi Arabia, which have averaged at a rate of one execution every two days.
“Of course I have always stood for human rights and will continue to keep standing for human rights,” he said."

Has the New York Times ever described a Palestinian victim as a "parent of children"?

Look at this headline: "Palestinian Gunmen Kill Israeli Parents of 4".  The paper never ever described Palestinian victims who were fathers and grandfathers and mothers and grandmothers this way.

Ben Hubbard of the New York Times informs readers about Army of Conquest (secular conquest of course)

"The alliance consists of a number of mostly Islamist factions, including the Nusra Front, Al Qaeda’s Syrian affiliate; Ahrar al-Sham, another large group; and more moderate rebel factions".  Wait. Wait. If they are "moderate rebel groups" why would they be aligned with the official Al-Qa`ida branch in Syria? Can you explain that one, please?  Are you seeing one can be a moderate and still be an ally of Al-Qa`ida?

Niall Ferguson on Kissinger: a review

This is the first critical review of the book in the mainstream press: but it is written by a professor in Paris, France.

Guess who is the most influential Muslim in the world? No, it is not Netanyahu but close

King PlayStation won the honor.  Abe Foxman is a close second.

Qatar ministry publishes maps with ‘no go’ housing zones for workers

"In an apparent renewal of efforts to keep blue-collar expats living in Qatar without their families away from residential areas, authorities have published maps detailing “no-go” zones for worker housing.
The Ministry of Municipality and Urban Planning (MMUP/Baladiya) has published a series of interactive maps on its website in Arabic that highlight the districts where laborer accommodation is banned." (thanks Khaled)

This man deserved a long obituary in the New York Times only because he repudiated communism

"Yuri N. Afanasyev, Historian Who Repudiated Communism".  But Afansayev was a typical opportunist who was an active communist who benefited from the system under communism and only repudiated communism when the regime was falling.  

Physicians without Borders

Physicians without Borders have basically refrained from blaming the US for the US attack on hospital.  I can only imagine if the attack was perpetrated by Russia or Syrian government. Physicians without Borders would have come out forcefully blaming the attacker.

How the New York Times avoided blaming the US for the attack on hospital

"Some airstrike, traveling around on its own like a lost tourist, ran into a hospital in Afghanistan (admittedly, for sheer propagandistic obfuscation, nothing will ever top the repellent missile-tourism headline chosen by the NYT when Israel bombed a Gaza cafe in 2014 and killed 8 people: “Missile at Beachside Gaza Cafe Finds Patrons Poised for World Cup”).
The article in the NYT‘s Sunday print edition illustrated the pains the paper was suffering to avoid framing the story as what it was: a U.S. airstrike on a hospital. This is what readers of that paper saw on Sunday morning:"

Roger Waters slams Bon Jovi over Israel concert

"The former Pink Floyd bassist, long an opponent of Israel's stance toward Palestine, accused Jon Bon Jovi and his band mates of standing "shoulder to shoulder" with Israel before listing many of the casualties suffered by the Palestinians at the hands of the Israeli government in an op-ed for Salon. Waters has routinely called on his fellow artists to boycott performing in Israel."

Death-chanting Israeli mob rejoices as Palestinian teen is executed

"But videos posted online show that the youth was executed in cold blood as he was chased by a mob of Israeli Jews baying for his blood. As the video above begins, voices can be heard in Hebrew shouting – apparently at police – “Shoot him! He’s a terrorist! Shoot him!” and “Don’t wait! Shoot him!” "A police officer – apparently the shooter – can be seen approaching Alloun. Meanwhile celebratory voices are heard shouting “Yes! Yes! Son of a bitch!” and “Wow!” and “He’s an Arab!” “Death to the Arabs!” others shout." (thanks Amir)

Mr. Modi had yet to make any public comment about the attack on the Ikhlaq family

"Members of Save the Cow said they were motivated to raise the alarm on Sept. 28 because of their religious devotion. “We are more attached to the cow than our own children,” Inder Nagar said. There is also a powerful political motivation behind their activism. Many leaders of Save the Cow here are also prominent local organizers in Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s Hindu nationalist Bharatiya Janata Party, or B.J.P.," "As of Sunday morning, Mr. Modi had yet to make any public comment about the attack on the Ikhlaq family — an uncharacteristic silence for a leader who makes frequent use of Twitter."

What happened in Jerusalem?

From a reader: "A few days ago Arab and Western news agencies stated that a Palestinian(Muhanad al-Halabi) stabbed two Israelies in Jerusalem so the Israeli army shot him dead.
The actually story as I confirmed it from my relatives living in Jerusalem is that the Israeli settlers were roaming through the old city-Jerusalem early in the morning looking for Arabs so they can get their revenge from them. When they saw the young man they started beating him senselessly. The Israeli army showed up and the Arab youth ran toward them pleading for help instead the fascist Israeli army shot him dead from a close range. 
You can see the video here and please listen to the young Palestinian crying for help."

Sunday, October 04, 2015


Politics aside, I just wish that Hillary Clinton would stop trying to appear funny.  She is not and will never be.

War crimes of U.S. and its allies in ME

"This strike on a hospital in Afghanistan comes days after the Saudi-led coalition bombed a wedding in Yemen that killed more than 130 people." "There’s no dispute that the U.S. has lavished the Saudis with all sorts of weapons and intelligence as it carries out its civilian-massacring attacks on Yemen." (thanks Amir)

Nicholas Blanford

From Basim:"But the move has put a strain on Hezbollah, which has paid a price in lives and prestige, with many analysts saying the toll in three years in Syria must have exceeded the 1,276 from 18 years spent battling Israel’s occupation.

Some are wearily asking – albeit in muted tones for now – where Nasrallah, a leader in whom they traditionally place absolute trust, is taking Hezbollah, the Shiite community, and Lebanon. “Nasrallah has taken the Shiites to dangerous places.... He started a war with our neighbors that we will feel for generations,” says Sheikh Sobhi Tufayli, a founder of Hezbollah and its first secretary-general, who was expelled in 1998 and is today a bitter critic of Nasrallah and the party leadership.

Military camps dot the wooded flanks of Lebanon’s Bekaa Valley where the huge influx of Hezbollah recruits over the past nine years have received basic training. Some later travel to Iran for advanced training in multiple disciplines, from firing artillery rockets and antitank missiles to learning parachuting skills and underwater sabotage, according to sources close to Hezbollah.

“We are fighting each other to see who can go to Syria first. We are stronger than ever,” says Abu Khalil, a Hezbollah veteran who has served more than 20 tours in Syria.  

But one fighter with more than a decade’s experience admits that he wants to leave, having tired of watching his friends die in Syria and angry at the corruption he says he sees around him. Hezbollah once had an enviable reputation for financial probity, but in recent years, as it swelled in size, it has been marred by allegations of internal corruption. “It’s not only me. There are people who want to quit who have had enough of it,” the veteran fighter says, speaking on condition of anonymity."

PS (also from Basim):  "I understand this habit among Western correspondents not based in Beirut, but for one who is, and who is a self-styled expert on Hizbullah, I don't know why Blanford repeatedly refers to Hasan Nasrallah with the honorific title of "Sheikh" when everyone knows it is properly "Sayyid."

I think the name given to his most recent fictional creation, "Abu Khalil", is one deliberately meant to annoy you."

Niall Ferguson on Kissinger

Let me say this to you: all the reviews that you have read about Niall Ferguson's book on Henry Kissinger don't reflect the actual book.  I can only tell you this: Ferguson believes that Kissinger is an Idealist because he took his dog to Harvard with him and would give specific instructions about the care of his dog to his parents.  Don't get me wrong: Kissinger loved his dog as much as Hitler loved his.

Karl Marx in Cairo

You will never see this in the US.  It says: "The [evil] Eye hit me and Karl Marx saved me".

Crimes of Israel

"Journalist Hana Mahamaid goes back to live coverage after the Israeli army shot her in the face with a stun grenade from a close distance in Issawiya neighborhood, in east Jerusalem". (from the Facebook page of journalist Nida' Ibrahim).


"For Baudrillard, simulation can be thought of like a timeline from representation to simulation in 4 steps, as he notes in his book “Simulacra and Simulation.”
  1. Images are reflection of a profound reality: A picture of pumpkin is like the real thing.
  2. Images mask and denature a profound reality. A picture of the pumpkin is like a shitty version of the real thing.
  3. Images masks the absence of a profound reality, the cake pumpkin was a lie.
  4. The image has lost all connection to reality. It is pure simulation. Pumpkins, as a natural phenomenon, are a lie and this picture I just handed you is just a napkin that I peed on."

Saturday, October 03, 2015

Netanyahu mocked

This man is not mocked (and condemned and sentenced) nearly enough.

Word 2016

Finally, Word 2016 enables you to choose easily between a footnote and an endnote.


Hillary Clinton never stopped promoting human rights as Secretary of State

El Capitane

If you upgrade your Mac to El Capitane you won't be able to use Outlook 2011.  You have to upgrade to Office 2016.

The moderate Syrian rebels are suddenly back: as soon as Russia arrived

"After a two-year absence from the international stage -- during which the mainstream media dispatched them to the realm of nonexistent entities -- on October 1 the "moderate rebels" of Syria were back. The New York Times said so. Russian attacks were targeting moderates rather than ISIS, a man with a camera was quoted saying; and the Times story by Anne Barnard appeared to confirm his suspicion; even as a companion report on Russian actions in Syria by Helene Cooper, Michael R. Gordon, and Neil MacFarquhar revealed that these are the same moderates who were carefully vetted by the CIA, and concerning whom little was heard ever after. Their numbers are put at 3,000 to 5,000, though the Cooper-Gordon-MacFarquhar article leaves uncertain if that is their original or their present strength. This illumination, after so long a blackout, will doubtless be a subject for inquiry in coming days. Why it would seem worthwhile for the Russians to attack so small a force, neither of the Timesstories bothered to say; nor did they explain why, if the moderate rebels are anti-Jihadist, they were allowed to garrison in the town of Talbiseh in a region north of Homs that (according to the veteran Middle East reporter Patrick Cockburn) has been "ruled" for the past two years "by Jabhat al-Nusra and associated extreme Islamist groups.""

U.S. bombs a hospital while screaming at Russia for bombing

"A United States airstrike appears to have badly damaged the hospital run by Doctors Without Borders in the Afghan city of Kunduz early Saturday, killing at least three people and wounding dozens, including members of the hospital staff."

He suggested that the United States would not be wise to seek to punish another country for something its own intelligence services do

"The CIA pulled a number of officers from the U.S. Embassy in Beijing" "And, he said, “We, too, practice cyberespionage and . . . we’re not bad at it.” He suggested that the United States would not be wise to seek to punish another country for something its own intelligence services do. “I think it’s a good idea to at least think about the old saw about people who live in glass houses shouldn’t throw rocks.” "