Friday, November 21, 2014

Karl Marx and the State

My weekly article in Al-Akhbar: "Karl Marx and the State: When the Right discusses the thought of the left".

What Thomas Friedman finds striking

"What is most striking, though, is how much Al-Mesbar sees ISIS not as just a religious problem that has to be combated with a more inclusive Islamic narrative but as the product of all the problems ailing this region at once: underdevelopment, sectarianism, lagging education, sexual repression, lack of respect for women and lack of pluralism in all intellectual thought."  Striking? This is the stuff of Saudi media (in English and Arabic) because it deflects attention from the responsibility of Gulf regime.  But it is clear that Friedman has been promoting the Saudi propaganda site, Al-Mesbar, for a while now.

the insignificant Mahmoud Abbas

"People will disregard Mahmoud Abbas, regardless of whether he says — what he says is right or wrong. This is not a function of it. And people who are carrying these out are people who don’t even care about Mahmoud Abbas, whether they’re on — Islamists or ultra-leftists."

Israel bombed 161 mosques in Gaza

"Israel bombed 161 mosques in Gaza"

Israeli lobby protected Neo-Nazis

"According to Democratic sources in Congress, staffers from the ADL’s Washington office and the Simon Wiesenthal Center rejected the amendment on the grounds that right-wing Ukrainian parties like Svoboda with documented records of racist extremism had “moderated their rhetoric.” An ADL lobbyist insisted that “the focus should be on Russia,” while the Wiesenthal Center pointed to meetings between far-right political leaders in Ukraine and the Israeli embassy as evidence that groups like Svoboda and Right Sector had shed their extremism."

Sexual abuse of child prisoners in Israel

"At least 600 Palestinian children were arrested in Jerusalem since last June. Of these chlidren, nearly 40% were reportedly exposed to sexual abuse during arrest or investigation by the Israeli authorities, according to a report by the Palestinian Prisoners Club (PPC)."

Israeli flag at UC Berkeley

"When Horowitz did the same thing while waving the Israeli flag, the reaction was much different. Horowitz received verbal assaults, yells and middle fingers." ha ha ha

lies and fabrications of Haaretz: typical Zionist trickery

Look how they purposefully try to tarnish the reputation of anti-Zionist groups and individuals by deceptively pretending that hostility to Zionist groups is the same as hostility to Jews: "The organization as a whole has an “anti-normalization” policy, refusing to participate in discussions with Jewish and pro-Israel student groups. "  They don't mention that many activists in the SJP movement are Jews.  And where did the paper get the impression that anti-normalization groups are opposed to Jewish groups? The whole article deliberately slips in bogus claims of "anti-Jewish" without any substantiation. 

CORRECTION: This Palestinian girl is going to school with a ladder on her back: and you think that the Palestinians won't exact revenge for Zionist cruelty?

PS It was explained to me that this picture isn't real but was artistically rendered to present the agony of the Palestinian under occupation and under siege.

Syria refugees shot & killed by Turkey border guards

"Turkish border guards have abused – and even killed – refugees trying to escape the fighting in Syria, according to an Amnesty International report." (thanks Amir)

Did Jumblat just call me an "old communist"?

"“It worked,” Joumblatt said. “Only one guy said, ‘But Lenin had no children’… It seems he was an old communist.”" To that I say, better an "old communist" than a follower of Jeffrey Feltman, Hafidh Al-Asad, Saudi royal family, and Hariri family. (thanks Ali)

Thursday, November 20, 2014

AUB is not happy that it was compared to other universities

"The American University of Beirut ranked first in the Arab region for social sciences, second in medicine programs, and came in fifth overall, in a ranking that featured 91 higher education institutions from 16 countries. “AUB fared extremely well in the US News & World Report rankings, given that we were evaluated against universities five to 10 times our size, and against graduate universities that exist solely to conduct and publish research,” President Peter Dorman said." (thanks Basim)

Mike Nichols: dead

"his grandfather, Gustav Landauer, was a political anarchist leader who was killed by right-wing opponents in 1919."

Chronology of violence in Palestine: what the US media does not cover

From Fatima:  "18 Nov Palestinians kill 4 Israelis in synagogue in Jerusalem
17 Nov Evening Israelis hanged Palestinian bus driver in Jerusalem
16 Nov Morning Israeli settlers storm Aqsa mosque
13 Nov Israel allows prayer in Aqsa with restrictions
11 Nov Israelis strip Palestinian women of her head scarf on a bus
9 Nov Israel police assassinates Kheir Aldeen after hitting police car -Israeli soldiers enter the Aqsa with guns and gas bombs
5 Nov Israel attacks moslem women worshippers entering the mosque
4 Nov Israel opens Aqsa with many restrictions
30 Oct Israel closes Aqsa mosque to all prayers
24 Oct Israeli soldiers kill Orwa 14 year old in Silwad
19 Oct Israeli settlers take control of 2 Palestinian residential building in Silwan
16 Oct Israeli soldiers kill Bahaa 13 year old in Bet Liqia
14 Oct Israeli settlers set Mosque in Aqraba on fire".

The Judge of Urgent Matters in Beirut: AUB covers up its corruption with the assistance of the corrupt Lebanese state

"The Judge of Urgent Matters in Beirut, Nadim Zwein, issued an order (from his home) Wednesday, compelling Al-Akhbar to remove a report on the ‘AUB Leaks’ scandal titled, “Will allegations of corruption at AUB go to US courts?” published on November 14, 2014, and all documents linked to in the story from the newspaper’s website.

Judge Zwein’s decision follows a request made by the American University in Beirut (AUB), dated November 17, 2014, through its lawyer Randa Shaker Abu Suleiman from the Abu Suleiman Law Firm. AUB said that Al-Akhbar, in the report in question, had published “confidential internal documents, memos, and correspondence belonging to AUB.” " (thanks Marc)

Who can better judge the knowledge and erudition of Walid Jumblat, the Lebanese traditional sectarian leader known for his political shifts?

"“He’s a very learned guy, he reads a lot...said Nicholas Blanford".  Hilarious. This is like having Sa`d Hariri give an opinion about Hegel.

A film about Palestinian historian Elias Shufani

Hind Shufani just released a film about her father, the academic and decent Fath struggler (who later broke with `Arafat), Elias Shufani.

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

barbra streisand and sheldon adelson

From Khelil: "I was reading about the 'Friends of the IDF' fundraiser in Los Angeles hosted by Haim Saban and how, among other Hollywood liberals, Barbra Streisand attended. Her attendance did not surprise me, of course, but looking through the photos I thought I spotted her sitting next to Sheldon Adelson and his wife (a fact confirmed in the second photo -  her outfit); when it comes to Israel, Hollywood liberals will openly embrace a far-right, anti-union, casino mogul, and top GOP fundraiser nut to the right of Netanyahu who has publicly called for dropping a nuke in the Iranian desert as a "lesson." There is no ideological division that American Zionist liberals will not overcome, no matter how repugnant and how much an enemy on every domestic cause the other person is, so as to hug together over Israel. "

Rasmea Odeh: guilty for resistance

"The government claimed that she failed to disclose that she had been convicted by the Israelis of participating in bombings in 1969. This conviction in a military court was the result of a false confession made after she was viciously tortured and raped by Israeli military authorities for weeks. There is no due process in Israeli military courts, which "convict" over 99% of Palestinians who come before them, and "evidence" from these should not be accepted in a court in the US."

U.S. evangelical foreign policy

"So why is the Middle East such a draw? My own guess is U.S. domestic politics. The large number of born-again evangelical Christians in the United States care deeply, theologically even, both for the fate of Israel and for the struggle against terrorism, which is easily elided into a clash of civilizations with Islam."

Tell Aljazeera to report on this

"Almost 36 million people are living as slaves across the globe, according to a human rights group, and an index released on Monday lists Mauritania, Uzbekistan, Haiti, Qatar and India as the nations where modern-day slavery is most prevalent".

Israel's punitive house demolitions leaves children homeless

"One of the family members, Tamir al-Shaludi, said Israeli forces stole over 80,000 shekels ($20,800) from one of the fifth floor apartments during the demolition. The demolition, which took place overnight, is one of at least six orders issued by the Israeli government to destroy the homes of the families' of Palestinians who attacked Israelis."

Israeli incitements against the Palestinians

"In Kufr Aqab, a Jerusalem-area town, a group of Israeli settlers stabbed 22-year-old Fadi Jalal Radwan on Tuesday evening. As reported by the Bethlehem-based Ma’an News Agency, Radwan was “attacked and stabbed by four Israelis while walking in the town of Kufr Aqab, his father said. He was stabbed three times in the legs, and once in the back.” Elsewhere, Ibrahim Mahmoud, sixteen years old, was put in the intensive care unit after an Israeli settler shot him with live ammunition “on the outskirts of the Beitin village east of Ramallah,” according to Ma’an. In another incident, Israeli settlers attacked a Palestinian school in the village of Urif, eight miles south of Nablus."

the real function of NASA

""In 2007, NASA deployed the aircraft with a high-tech infrared spectrometer to help identify mineral deposits in Afghanistan. The aircraft spent two months in Kandahar and performed 218 flights capturing data for more than 400,000 square kilometers—70 percent of the country."" (thanks Amir)

It is not heading. It was founed as an apartheid state with privilges awarded on the basis of religious affiliation

"Democratic countries define themselves as belonging to all their citizens, not just some of them. Israel is headed in the opposite direction with its Basic Law on Israel as nation-state of the Jews."

The new and improved Walid Jumblat

When Walid Jumblat, in one of his many phases, said that he was inspired by Bush's invasion of Iraq. It was cited all over Western media, as if Jumblat is a spokesperson of the Arab youth.  I noticed that when Jumblat speaks against wishes of Western governments, he is ignored. Like yesterday when he supported the attack on a synagogue. 

Walid Joumblatt (@walidjoumblatt)

11/18/14, 5:49 AM
@DeanHMalik not at all I support it

Syria war

Do you remember those who wrote back in 2012 that the Syrian rebels are not as was alleged Salafite and religious but are a combination of whiskey drinkers and Sufis? I remember. 

Arms for export and import

It is a Zionist conspiracy and they do have a list of talking points

You want me to believe that all Zionists are spontaneously and without any coordination misquoting what I said about BDS just like that?  "And in an op-ed published in Al Akhbar newspaper, Cal State professor As’ad AbuKhalil, an outspoken advocate of the BDS movement, affirmed that “the real aim of BDS is to bring down the state of Israel.” This is the “unambiguous goal…[and] there should not be an equivocation on the subject.”" How many times I have to explain that I did not say that BDS is for the end of the Zionist entity but THAT IT SHOULD AIM AT THAT.  Why can't Zionist propagandize without lying? (thanks Talal)

Hariri tribunal revelation

Don't you like Nicholas Blanford: he blames for the Hariri assassination whatever he is ordered to blame by the Hariri family.  Apparently, Bashshar Al-Asad ordered the assassination (along with Hizbullah) and insisted on chatting via text messages and Facebook with the killers.  ". Additionally, it was revealed last week that in October the prosecution added a phone number belonging to Mr. Assad into a court document, raising speculation that the Syrian president could have been in direct contact with one of the conspirators." (thanks Basim)

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

What do Zionists call an anti-Semite who supports Israel? They call him "a mild anti-Semite". I am not making this up. It is in Richard Cohen's new book

"And Lord Balfour “for all his infatuation with Zionism . . . was nonetheless infected with a mild case of anti-Semitism.”"  And what do they call a non-anti-Semite who opposes Israel and Zionism? They call him a rabid anti-Semite.

Druzes and the Zionist state

It is time that Arabs abandon the fake polite discourse of national unity and address head on the matter of some Druze involvement in the apparatus of terror and intelligence by the Israeli state.  It is time that a wide boycott of such involvement be launched and the leaders (religious and otherwise) of such tools of occupation be organized.

Why I am against Title VI more than ever: Centers for Middle Eastern Studies at Brown and at UCLA

I have argued before that title VI and Congressional oversight only put Middle East centers on the defensive and apply Zionist pressures on them for (im)balance.  I think that Hebrew language studies and courses on Israel are entirely imposed from a political, non-academic perspective. Why should the language and politics and society of some 1% of the people of the Middle East be treated as being equal to some 500 million peoples of the Middle East region? Why does Israel not get the attention that Somalia or Djibouti receive on college campuses?  So here are two examples of Zionist pressures and intimidation and also of the internalization of Zionist standards and criteria.
1) Brown University. The Center for Middle Eastern Studies actually sponsored a talk by a Israeli diplomat/propagandists in the wake of the murder of hundreds of Palestinian children.  By what standards would the center do that? The director of the center, Bisharah Doumani (a classmate from graduate school) defended the sponsorship in two ways: a) that the logo of the center was used. Bisharah: the placement of the logo of the center is what is called sponsorship on college campuses. b) Bisharah said that the center had also sponsored a talk by the "PLO ambassador".  Bisharah: there is no PLO ambassador anymore. There are PA ambassadors, and those are part of the political mini-authority in Ramallah which is funded and sponsored by the US and Israeli occupation. That is the wrong analogy. The right analogy would be if the Middle East Center at Brown had sponsored a talk by a Hamas or Hizbullah speaker. Would the Center dare sponsor such speakers? We know the answers to the questions.  Also, apparently, as part of the panel on Gaza, one speaker from Brown equated the deaths of hundreds of Palestinian children with the death of Israeli killers of children thus: "In his presentation at the teach-in, Atshan sought to humanize the situation in Gaza by showing pictures of Palestinian civilian victims of Israel’s massacre as well as of the Israeli soldiers who had participated in killing them."4

2) UCLA's Center for Middle Eastern studies published a long statement in response to Zionist attacks. But that is my point about the terrible impact of title VI: that it basically put all Middle Eastern studies on the defensive and forces them to adhere to Zionist standards of (im)balance.  I know that Galvin was not trying to do that, but his detailed list and breakdown of lectures seems like a full accounting presented to Zionists for approval.  This is absurd. It is not the business of Zionist hoodlums to know how many lectures were about Israel and how many were not and whether speakers were pro-Palestinian or not.  By succumbing to such pressures, the Zionists really win. They set the terms of the debate and they put all Centers for Middle East studies on the defensive.

Zionists order and Muslim and Arab American organizations follow

Because they are tools of Gulf regimes, Arab-American and Muslim-American organizations in DC follow the order of Zionist organizations: they tell them when and what to condemn, and they obediently follow orders. Sit now, sit.  Good boy.

Some lives matter and others don't matter at all

Israeli terrorists have been killing and lynching Palestinians for weeks, and they have torched a mosque only a few days ago. Yet, only acts of revenge by Palestinians receive condemnation and are treated as acts of unprovoked terrorism.  Also, how come Israeli army members are treated in Western media as civilians, while Palestinian children are perceived as terrorists and legitimate military targets?

PS For the record, while George Habash did participate in his youth in Beirut in an attack on the local synagogue in Beirut, later when he became head of the PFLP, he would never have approved an attack on any house of worship. 

Monday, November 17, 2014

CAIR and the UAE

Among the 83 terrorist organizations listed and banned by the UAE is CAIR. The funny part is that Shaykh Muhammad bin Rashid (sheikh mo) funded the new headquarters of CAIR.

This has been the basis of the reconciliation between Qatar and the other GCC members in Riyadh yesterday

No worry about possible contamination from the exchanges in bodily fluids.  All GCC royal members are afflicted with the same diseases.

Porn: the last refuge of a falling Lebanese newspaper: An-Nahar

This is the most read item on the website of An-Nahar, the dying newspaper:
 "We present to you Kim Kardashian naked...continued (in pictures)."

Sample of education in the Saudi Kingdom of Horror

One question: Elaborate and support: "the sympathy of King Abdullah with the poor and the needy, and his help for them."
another one: "the concern by King Abdullah for building the Saudi human with thought and not with money.
another: "What is the stance of King Abdullah toward the Palestinian cause?"

Israeli settlers have a long history of using their vehicles to run over Palestinians

"An Israeli train driver earlier this week took to Facebook to encourage his compatriots to run over Palestinians for “the Jewish nation.” "Levi’s racist incitement is not isolated, either: Israeli settlers have a long history of using their vehicles to run over Palestinians."

Israeli settlers execute Palestinian bus driver

"Local Palestinian sources say Hassan Yousef was driving back home from work when Israelis executed him after abducting him in the Ras al-Amud neighborhood."

Israelis shoot 10-year-old for loitering

"Israeli military officials are tonight defending the attack and potentially fatal wounding of a 10-year-old Palestinian civilians at the Kissufim checkpoint, after troops shot him in the neck for “loitering.” "

Justifications for Israel’s founding: transformation of Richard Cohen

My latest blog post for Al-Akhbar English: "Justifications for Israel’s founding: transformation of Richard Cohen".

Israel resuming destruction of Palestinian homes

"Earlier this month, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said the home destruction policy would be reinstated in response to a wave of Palestinian attacks against Israelis in Jerusalem, mostly against the background of rising tensions over a disputed holy site in the city." (thanks Amir)

Sunday, November 16, 2014

And now a word about the harmless nuclear weapons of Israel

"The German magazine Der Spiegel reported in 2012 that the German government had known for decades that Israel planned to equip the submarines with nuclear missiles. Former German officials said they always assumed Israel would use the submarines for nuclear weapons," "In our assessment, based on analysis of available sources and examination of commercial satellite imagery, we estimate that Israel has a stockpile of approximately 80 nuclear warheads for delivery by two dozen mobile Jericho missiles, a couple of squadrons of aircraft, and perhaps a small inventory of sea-launched cruise missiles." "Despite Israel's stated policy that it will not be the first to introduce nuclear weapons in the Middle East, there is little doubt that Israel has already introduced nuclear weapons in the region and that only a deception based on a narrow interpretation of what constitutes "introduction" keeps Israel from officially being a
nuclear weapon state."