Friday, May 29, 2015

Saudi hegemony over the Arabs

My weekly article in Al-Akhbar: "Saudi Hegemony over the Arabs: Not by money Alone".

I am not sure who is worse in the picture: the man or the woman?

Le grand Imam d'al-Azhar, Sheikh Ahmed el-Tayeb (d) et Marine Le Pen, la présidente du Front national (d) dans les locaux d'al-Azhar, au Caire le 28 mai 2015. Au Caire.

Yalla is an Israeli word now

From Khelil: "Look at this silly article boasting about how many British Jews are have been “Israelized” in the pro-Zionist online magazine Tablet, their evidence:

“The Anglo-Jewish refrigerator has followed this evolution. For Ashkenazim, gone are the cholent and chrain, the gefilte fish and goulash recipes that grandma brought over from Poland. In their place are pita, baba ganoush, shakshuka, and hummus. A takeaway treat now is no longer a salt-beef sandwich from Bloom’s deli in Golders Green but a chicken shwarma from Solly’s down the road. A dinner party is almost certain to be fueled by the cuisine of Jerusalemite chef Yotam Ottolenghi, who has brought previously unknown spices such as za’atar and ras el hanout to north London kitchens. Israeli words such as “yalla” are dropped into speech alongside Jackie Mason-esque yiddishisms to affirm a sense of Jewish identity.”

Is there no irony? "

Their real purpose

"The head of Al-Qaeda’s branch in Syria last night said he had been told by the terror group’s leader not to use the country as a launch-pad to attack the West, in a highly significant change in its relations with America and Europe." "Our mission in Syria is the downfall of the regime, its symbols, and its allies, like Hezbollah.” "The shift in policy will be used by supporters of the Assad regime to argue that the West is now formally in alliance with Al-Qaeda."

Sudden arrests of FIFA officials was about preventing Palestinian bid to expel Israel

"Until Wednesday, much of the coverage of the FIFA Congress surrounded whether delegates would vote to suspend Israel from world soccer." "For Israel to be suspended, three quarters of delegates would need to approve the motion. If that were a long shot before, it’s even more unlikely now."

Did you know that Saddam named his missiles after Husayn and Abbas? Was that sectarian?

Not only in Saudi Arabia

"Jewish mothers have been banned from driving by their Orthadox sect who were today accused of trying to turn their London community into Saudi Arabia.

Community rabbis have also agreed that children dropped off in cars for school by their mothers should be turned away because women drivers break 'the traditional rules of modesty in our camp'.

The diktat was announced in a letter signed by leaders of schools run by the Belz Hasidic sect, which is a group in the Orthodox branch of Judaism, and has a large community in north London.

Rabbis are also backing the ban, and one said: 'It's always been regarded as not the done thing for a lady to drive'." (thanks Sajida)

Saudi relgiious police in action

FIFA and corruption

One Saudi citizen rightly commented that supporters of the candidacy of Ali Bin Husayn are talking about corruption as the reason for the re-election of Blatter, forgetting that Ali has served as his deputy for years and that he is part of the corrupt leadership of FIFA.

You want a sample from the media of Saudi princes?

Jihad Al-Khazin holds the dubious honor of being the only person to have edited both, the mouthpiece of Prince Khalid bin Sultan, Al-Hayat, and the mouthpiece of King Salman and his sons, Ash-Sharq Al-Awsat: "I shook hands with King Abdullah [of Jordan] and I told him as he was leaving: we are with you.  I shook hands with president Sisi, and told him that I will be in Egypt in a few days, and I shook hands with Queen Rania".  Word for word.

"صافحت الملك عبدالله وهو خارج وقلت له: نحن معك، وصافحت الرئيس السيسي وقلت له أنني سأكون في مصر بعد أيام، وصافحت الملكة رانيا".

Disgrace unto the nations: Israel

"•According to the World Bank, at least 41 counties have greater income inequality than the U.S. And those include Israel, Brazil, Mexico, Chile and Argentina."

US planes over the South China Sea

The US government insists on its right to fly planes over the South China Sea but can't understand Chinese claims in the...South China Sea:  "“There should be no mistake about this: The United States will fly, sail and operate wherever international law allows, as we do all around the world,” he said."

Natalie Portman at Harvard

"Alan M. Dershowitz, who said Portman was in his neuropsychology and the law class, told the Crimson that “she was a terrific student” who earned an A+ on a paper — “the highest grade in the class,” the newspaper noted."  I am sure that Dershowitz grades on a Zionist scale especially that Protman is listed as one of his research assistants for his book The Case for Israeli War Crimes, which has been documented to contain plagiarized material.


I wish to thank all of you out there who voted for the candidate of Arab nationalism, Blatter, against the candidate of Western governments, Ali Ibn Al-Husayn of the Jordanian autocracy.  I owe you one, o Zeus.  You did respond to my prayers.

I took this test at the New York Times in which I correlated family income with college chances of children.

And yet, veils are banned in the name of Western emancipation of Muslim women

"Statistics collected by the National Observatory Against Islamophobia, a watchdog group, show that in the last two years 80 percent of the anti-Muslim acts involving violence and assault were directed at women, most of them veiled."

When I read this I could not hold back tears

"But American officials say they are not striking significant, and obvious, Islamic State targets out of fear that the attacks will accidentally kill civilians."    I have never ever encountered a more humane and a more sensitive occupation like the American.  Never in my life. Look how much they care about the civilians on the receiving ends of their bombs. Is that not kind?

US and the creation of ISIS

Western correspondents in Beirut have been reproducing Syrian rebel accusations: that the Syrian regime had created ISIS and their evidence is their claim that the Syrian regime never fights ISIS. But the US clearly has been avoiding fighting Nusrah Front (and even created an artificial silly distinction between Khurasani group (we don't hear about it anymore by the way) and Nusrah Front. Does that mean by their own logic that the US had created Nusrah Front?

Zionists and the new defintion of anti-Semitism

Zionists have pressured the US government for years to include in the definition of anti-Semitism criticisms and attacks on the Israeli occupation state. And after the State Department succumbed to Zionist bullying and pressures, Zionists now say in defending their automatic labeling of critics of Israel as anti-Semites: well, have you see the official definition of anti-semitism by the State Department? It is there.

New York Times and the new defintion of anti-Semitism

"At a rally last year, President Recep Tayyip Erdogan asserted that he was the first Muslim leader to denounce anti-Semitism. He has, however, engaged in heated exchanges with the Israeli leadership".  Look at this phrasing.  They make it sound like opposition to anti-Semitism clashes with engaging in heated exchanges with Israeli leaders. They make it sound like: a true enemy of anti-Semitism would never ever engage in heated exchanges with Israeli leaders.

PS And this is unrelated to my very negative view of Erdogan.

Not everone at MIT is brilliant, trust me: look at this guy

Cited in a column by Thomas Friedman: "Otto Scharmer, an economist at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology who works with communities trapped in perpetual conflicts, defines the main features of the fundamentalist mind-set by its opposites: What is the opposite of an open mind? he asks. “You are stuck in one truth.” What is the opposite of an open heart? “You are stuck in one collective skin; everything is us-versus-them and, therefore, empathy for the other is impossible.” And what is the opposite of an open will? “You are enslaved to old intentions that originate in the past and not from the present, and so you cannot open up to any emerging new opportunities.”"

Ted Cruz on Syria

"Condemning Obama for failing to enforce the Syrian red line after blocking him from enforcing the very same red line? This is vintage Cruz, who I’ve long suspected to be a charlatan."

Amnesty International report on Gaza collaborators with Israel

This is one of the silliest report: look how much reports about alleged human rights violations by victims of Israeli occupation receive in coverage versus reports about real and proven human rights violations by Israeli occupiers.  What does Amnesty International want? That under occupation, those who collaborate with the military occupation, and those who give (false and real) information and coordinates to facilitate Israeli bombing campaigns should be spared punishment?   And why did the report make the fact that some of the collaborators are Fath members as evidence that the motives of the punishment were political? Are you saying that collaborators should be spared because they belong to the rival party in Gaza?  And when was there a foreign occupation in history when collaborators with the enemy were spared punishment? French resistance? Vietnamese? South Africa?  Or even American war against British occupation?  Amnesty International and Human Rights Watch would have issued reports against the brave rebels of the Warsaw ghetto if they were around.  And are there any Palestinians other than collaborators with Israeli military occupation who are loved by Western governments, media, and human rights organizations?

ISIS spread

I don't write regular columns in English anymore so I will say this briefly: It is indeed possible for ISIS to spread.  If ISIS and its allies succeed in taking down the lousy Syrian regime (which has of late mastered the art of "tactical withdrawals" just like the Free Syrian Army of past years), the next border would be Jordan or Saudi Arabia, before Lebanon.

Sectarian Muslim-American organizations

I am told that Muslim-American organizations in DC (and all run by Gulf dynasties) never condemn bombing of Shi`ite mosques.

FIFA: protesters against Israel

US government interference in the affairs of the American University of Beirut

This newly released Wikileaks document is the best explanation of US government intervention in the minute affairs of AUB.  And notice that the Lebanese dean of students at AUB was more loyal to the US government than the American administrators

PS Student council president, Mohammad Dajani (who is mentioned here) is the last president of the student council (before the civil war) and ran on the ticket of the Fath movement.  But it seems that the AUB administration was rather pleased with him.

Israel murders children but UN does not want to notice

"UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-Moon is leaning toward not including Israel on an annual list of states responsible for violating children's rights in armed conflicts, despite proposals to include it, UN diplomatic sources said."


"Israel also makes an appearance, with a cartoon of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu shown riding an ISIS "monster," holding a bloody sword - this in criticism of Israel's alleged contribution to the strengthening of the terror organization." (thanks Amir)

Walid Jumblat would like to visit the US

From the new batch of Wikileaks.

I don't pray but...

I don't pray and the last time I prayed I was still a boy but I will make an exception. Today, I am on my knees praying to Marx and to the ancient gods of the Greeks and ancient Egyptians wanting Blatter to be re-elected to prevent yet another son of the Zionist Hashemites of Jordan from being represented in some international organization, silly or not.  I will record this one for you, O Zeus.

PS Do you notice that Zionists are pushing for members of the Zionist Hashemites of Jordan to serve in international organizations? No wonder because they are more protective of Israeli interests than the Israeli diplomats.  The UN ambassador of Jordan takes more order from the representative of Israel at the UN than from her own government.

Thursday, May 28, 2015

This is the segment that was censored from the confronatation between a Saudi citizen and Muhammad bin Nayif

Banners in Qatif protesting the Saudi regime's takfir in Shi`ites in school curricula

Shi`ite Obama

People in English language world are not aware: do you know that it is now quite common to read in Saudi and Qatari regime media that Obama is a Shi`ite Muslim and that this is the real motive of all his foreign policies? Kid you not.

Finally, the enlightened are given a voice in foreign policy and tolerance in the US

"Armed Bikers Plan to Draw Cartoons of Mohammed Outside a Mosque in Arizona"

Nusrah interview

A leader of Nusrah to the right interviews Abu Muhammad Julani, to the left.  Is it me or Julani looks smiling in this picture?

Anti-Shi`ite sectarianism in Hariri media

This is from Al-Mustaqbal, the mouthpiece of Hariri family: "In order to understand the shameful stance of the bulk of Shi`ites in Lebanon, just as the `Alawites in Syria".

A Saudi citizen in a conversation with Muhammad bin Nayif accuses the Saudi regime of complicity in crime

Look at minute 3:00. This clip censored out a longer version (which I will post later) in which this man also names the various channels of Saudi princes which incites against Shi`ites.

Nusrah and Nusrah Light: Terrorism and Terrorism Light

So Abu Muhammad Al-Julani didn't sever ties with Al-Qa`idah and yet the Arab oil and gas media is declaring the man to be a true liberal, democrat. 

Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Saudi Arabia Has Already Topped Last Year’s Total Number of Executions

"The number of executions conducted by Saudi Arabia in the first five months of 2015 has already exceeded the total number of people executed in the Middle Eastern country last year.

The latest beheadings of convicted drug smugglers Awad al-Rowaili and Lafi al-Shammary were carried out Tuesday amid concerns from human rights activists about the country's soaring rate of executions for non-violent offenses.

Murder and drug-related crimes account for a majority of Saudi Arabia's executions.

The two men — both Saudi nationals — were put to death in the northern region of Jawf, Saudi Arabia's interior ministry said in a statement, according to the official Saudi Press Agency."

FLASH: Abu Muhammad Al-Julani

He is about to announce (under Qatari regime pressure) that he will sever ties with Ayman Dhawahiri and will thus become a feminist, liberal, secular, democratic Islamist Jihadi terrorist, and for that he wants Western and Gulf money and arms but openly this time. Congratulations for yet another democratic ally of the West in the Arab world. 

PA has no money, it says, but has money for this giant paster of the PA puppet of Israel

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CNN Arabic

CNN Arabic is so hilarious in its production of propaganda from Hariri and Saudi media that it devoted a whole articles to tweets against Nasrallah, as if there are no tweets against Saudi King or Hariri.

Iranian trial of the WP correspondent

Why can't Iran resort to the transparent and fair trials of US clients, like Saudi Arabia and Qatar, or even the US-run Kangaroo Hariri court in the Hague?  Why?

Can Western powers spare us their "peacekeeping" forces, please?

"“Petit, viens,” — little boy, come here — a French soldier called out at a checkpoint in Bangui, the capital of Central African Republic.

For five months, an unknown number of people in the French forces, sent to protect civilians from the violence tearing the country apart, forced boys to perform oral sex on them, according to testimonies collected by the United Nations. The boys, aged 9 to 15, said they had sometimes been lured with the promise of military rations."