Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Who are the bigots and haters? Arabs or Israelis?

The chant "Death to the Arabs" is now common place all over "Israel".  Yet, I have carefully monitored the demonstrations all over Arab countries in support of Gaza and there was not one case of anti-Jewish chants.  #set_the_record_straight

New York Times explains its coverage of Israeli-Arab issues

"“We’re looking for fairness, not balance,” "  Fairness means the life of one Jewish Israeli amounts to the lives of 5000 Palestinians, basically.


"“In the past when people said racist things, we found that many officials denounced that. This time we found silence,” said Hassan Jabareen, director of Adalah, a legal center for Arab rights in Israel. Calls to “kill all Arabs” used to come from extremist groups defined by Israeli law as terrorist, Mr. Jabareen said, but “today you hear it everywhere.”

“Many, many Arabs feel that it’s not safe today to walk freely in Jewish cities or in a mixed city because of this phenomenon,” he added."

vomiting lies

"Now, there are 40 people in the interactive unit of the Israel Defense Forces, including videographers, animators, graphic artists and computer programmers, pumping out missives in six languages, on many platforms, in a tone much punchier than the typical news release."

Israeli terrorists killed those children

NOW: The Israeli enemy is Targeting displaced Palestinians in An UNRWA school

(thanks Laure)

Arab-Israeli war on social media

"Both sides are organized and active, though the hashtag #GazaUnderAttack has been used in nearly four million Twitter posts, compared with 170,000 for #IsraelUnderFire, according to Topsy, a social-media search engine."  Palestinian activists on Twitter tell me that the number for the former side is even bigger because many Palestinian supporters tweet under the latter hashtag to to get their message across in English.

social media

Is one of the biggest enemies of the Zionism. 

What Western media NEVER EVER reports about Hamas missiles

US media give their readers and viewers the impression that Hamas declares its targeting of civilian population centers. That is farthest from the truth. In fact, Hamas often declares its military targets but that never gets reported. Compare to how Arab media report for example: this is the Twitter account of New TV of Lebanon:
 It says: "Qassam battalions declare the rocketing of an eavesdropping base 8200 with 3 Grad missiles".
7/22/14, 7:49 AM
‏كتائب القسام تعلن قصف قاعدة التنصت 8200 ب3 صواريخ غراد

Western standards of Palestinian resistance

My latest blog post for Al-Akhbar English: "Western standards of Palestinian resistance".

$47 million

The US gave with one hand $47 million to Gaza (with strings and ropes attached of course) while giving billions in US dollars to Israel to fund its war crimes.  Does the US really think that this miserly amount will make Palestinians and Arabs forget the US role in sponsoring the Israeli festival of blood?

Ibrahim Kilani and his entire family were killed by Israeli bombs


80 per cent of Palestinians killed by Israeli strikes are civilians, UN report says

unveiled on Al-Manar TV

النشرة الموحدة
For the first time ever, an unveiled anchor appears on Al-Manar TV.  Yesterday, all Lebanese TV stations united in airing the same news broadcast about Gaza in solidarity with Palestine (I will spare you my opinion of the fake initiative here as I tweeted about it all day yesterday in Arabic).  So anchors from one station appeared on the other stations, and vice versa. This woman is from MTV and she was from the studio of Al-Manar TV.   Her journalistic skills, however, are not above the levels of Barbara Walters.


What is happening to Christians in Mosul is historic.  All this hate and sectarian cleansing has one ideological source: Saudi Wahhabism.

collateral damage--Israeli style

In the case of Israel, collateral damage is when combatants are hit, not civilians.  Israel should apologize for the times when its bombs and rockets hit combatants as 80% of the victims of its war crimes are civilians.

Zionist effects

Among the many terrible consequences of Zionism is that it caused a historic irreparable damage to Muslim-Jewish relations.  That will never be recovered and will only get worse.

How the West Bank was subjugated

This is an important article explaining how the West Bank was subjugated by Israel and the collaborationist clique of Oslo.

Monday, July 21, 2014

Isareli terrorists killed those children

You are supposed to see the screen and say: those poor Israelis

Palestinian media contrast Palestinian targets (to the left) and Israeli target (to the right)

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On "Death to the Arabs" chant

Jillian C. York ‏@jilliancyork 18m

I don’t think you get to say “Israel’s moral dilemma” anymore when people take to the streets chanting “death to Arabs."

Muhammad Qurayqi`, 13, lost his house in Shuja`iyyah and made this painting

If you read the inspiring words he wrote on his Facebook account.

Israeli sniper killing wounded civilian

terrorist flyers

Not one person in the US press talked about the terror contained in the phraseology of Arabic flyers dropped over Gaza.  I was looking at one now (no, I won't post it) and they are quite horrific.

Evidence? Since when the Israeli terrorist army need evidence in dealing with US media?

"The Israeli government has not provided evidence that casualties among journalists and media workers were the result of the press being used as human shields".

Attention, Muslims?

Attention, Muslims? Who does he think, he is? Nasser or Saladin? Also, just ask yourself this question: if you are addressing yourself to world Muslims, the Washington Post is your most suitable platform?  (thanks Sean)

US government playing the honest broker in negotiations

"Rice couldn’t believe it. “You Palestinians,” she told him, “can never see the fucking big picture.”"

Notice that Western media rarely covers Hamas statement about their intentions to avoid hurting civilians of the enemy

"It said 12 fighters went “behind enemy lines” and could have attacked civilian areas, but waited six hours to confront the army directly." This was mentioned in passing while every single story about Israeli butchery of women and children mention statements by Israeli terrorists that they are doing their best to avoid killing civilians.

If only Western governments and orgizations would stop trying to "rescue" native women: they only hurt them--and I am not only talking about bombing them regularly)

"Most of the anger in Kunduz has been focused not on the mullah but on the women’s activists and the shelter, which is one of seven operated across Afghanistan by W omen for Afghan Women, an Afghan-run charity that is heavily dependent on American aid, from both government and private donors.

“People know this office as the Americans’ office,” Dr. Sarwari said. “They all think the shelter is an American shelter. There isn’t a single American here,” she said.

“W.A.W. is not American-run,” said Manizha Naderi, its executive director. “Every single staff member is an Afghan. They are from the communities we work in. Our only concern is to make sure women and girls are protected and that they get justice.”"

If you want one reason only to detest American liberalism and its vapidness read this column by Nicholas Kristof

Just look at the contrast of cases presented by this guy: "Israelis are absolutely correct that they have a right not to be hit with rockets by Hamas, not to be kidnapped, not to be subjected to terrorist bombings. And Palestinians are absolutely right that they have a right to a state".  Read it again.  He basically is saying that only one side, the Israelis, is entitled to safety from bombing while the Palestinians are only entitled to having a mini-state but that Israel has the right to bomb them at will.  The rest is only worse.

PS I also wish he would not smile in his picture. It annoys me a great deal.

The Washington Post speaks on behalf of the Arab World

"Much of the Arab world, in fact, no longer supports the militants".  If the paper hires an Arabic speaker--even a Lebanese with a lousy command of Arabic--they would easily learn otherwise from just perusing Arab social media.  This is as absurd as saying: much of Israel now supports the liberation of Palestine.

standards of Human Rights Watch in defense of Israeli occupation and terrorism

"International law prohibits an occupying power from using force to suppress a struggle for self-determination, whereas it does not prohibit a people struggling for self-determination from using force.[1] The International Court of Justice (ICJ) stated in its 2004 advisory opinion that the Palestinian people’s “rights include the right to self-determination,” and that “Israel is bound to comply with its obligation to respect the right of the Palestinian people to self-determination.” Israel consequently has no legal right to use force to suppress the Palestinian self-determination struggle. Israel also cannot contend that, because this self-determination struggle unfolds within the framework of an occupation, it has the legal right, as the occupying power, to enforce the occupation so long as it endures.[2] In 1971, the ICJ ruled that South Africa’s occupation of Namibia had become illegal because it refused to carry out good-faith negotiations to end the occupation. It is beyond dispute that Israel has failed to carry out good-faith negotiations to end the occupation of Palestinian territory. On the Namibia precedent, the Israeli occupation is also illegal. The only “right” Israel can claim is—in the words of the United States at the time of the Namibia debate—“to withdraw its administration…immediately and thus put an end to its occupation.”[3]

Although claiming for itself the right of self-defense against Hamas projectiles, in fact Israel is claiming the right to maintain the occupation. If Israel ceased using force to suppress the Palestinian struggle for self-determination, the occupation would end, and the projectile attacks would cease. (If they didn’t stop, the legal situation would, of course, be different.) If it ended the occupation, Israel wouldn’t need to use force. The refrain that Israel has the right to self-defense is a red herring: the real question is, Does Israel have the right to use force to maintain an illegal occupation? The answer is no. " (thanks Mouin)

Director of Human Rights Watch basically endorses the call for the Israeli to continue to kill Palestinians

" Kenneth Roth (@KenRoth)

7/20/14, 10:48 PM
Ban Ki-moon: Hamas should end indiscriminate rocket attacks. Israel should "do far more to protect civilians." trib.al/nThawbV" Notice the asymmetry.  Palestinians are asked to "END" the rockets while the Israelis are merely asked to try to protect civilians while killing some more. 

And now a word from a US senator/foreign policy expert

"Sen. Lindsey Graham said Israel should fight as long as it needs to in the current conflict with Hamas in the Middle East.

“It’s not the number of casualties that determines the moral outcome here,” Mr. Graham, South Carolina Republican, said on NBC’s “Meet the Press.” “More German soldiers got killed than American soldiers.”

At least 420 Palestinians and seven Israelis have been killed in the nearly two-week-long conflict, according to the Associated Press." (thanks Michele)

massacre in Shuja`iyyah

"Hania Um Aziz had been lying trapped with a broken leg in her home in Baghdad Street for 14 hours as airstrikes and tank shells pounded around the area. "All the time there was smell of blood coming from downstairs," said the 64-year-old woman after being rescued; the bodies were those of her brother and niece, killed by tank fire. At the same time, the Al-Qassas family was fleeing the neighbourhood, under fire, along with hundreds of others, when a shell burst between them. Ten-year-old Mahmood was injured by spraying shrapnel, a woman a dozen feet away was cut in half."

Ramadan in Gaza

"On Sunday, July 20 Israel intensified its military operations in Gaza’s Al-Shuja'iya, killing nearly 100 people in what Palestinians have decried as a "massacre." Bodies of children were witnessed strewn in the rubble, with medics failing to remove them due to heavy fire."

U.S. military's plan to nuke Earth from the moon

"Project Horizon, argued that there was a need for a military moon base that would be used to develop techniques for surveillance of both earth and space, communications relay, and operations on the lunar surface." "Among the options being considered, according to the study, was a Lunar Based Earth Bombardment System." (thanks Amir)

Americans look at this and exclaim: those poor Israelis

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American newspapers count the dead and the Palestinians listed as "others"

(thanks Paul)

Israeli scholar: ‘Only raping the sister of a Palestinian can deter him’

"Dr. Mordechai Keidar, a lecturer on Arabic literature at Bar Ilan University, is well known for his right wing views. Yet today in an interview [Heb] to the Israeli Broadcasting authority given after the finding of the three bodies of Naftali Fraenkel, Gilad Shaer and Eyal Yifrah (July 1, 2014), he showed what he believes to be the truth about “Middle Eastern culture.”

Keidar: “A terrorist, like those who kidnapped the boys and killed them, the only thing that will deter them, is if they know that either their sister or mother will be raped if they are caught. What can we do? This is the culture that we live in –“

Interviewer, Yossi Hadar: “—Yes, this sounds bad, but…”

Keidar: “It sounds very bad, but this is a lesson. This is the Middle East. Only the knowledge that –

Hadar: “Well, we can’t do things like this –“

Keidar: “I’m telling you, I’m talking about them, I’m not talking about what we can do or not do. I’m telling you what they live in. This is the only thing that deters a suicide bomber. If he knows that when he pulls the trigger, or blows himself up, his sister will be raped. That’s it. That’s the only thing that will bring him back home, to keep the honor of his sister. This is the culture of the Middle East. I didn’t create it, but this is the situation.”"

Of course. Effective resistance is the same in Lebanon and Gaza

"Israeli officer tells Haaretz: #Hamas fighting like #Hezbollah now in #Gaza htz.li/1rvHZt4 .@AnshelPfeffer"

A Palestinian song about the captured Israeli terrorist in Gaza

Rob Schneider: one brave American celebrity

"To not be outraged at the killing of children is to risk your very soul. #Gaza"

PS My late brother, Maher, always thought that he was an unappreciated comedian.